Israeli Terrorism Against America? Inconceivable

'No, this can’t be. According to an article  appearing in one of Israel’s biggest mainstream news outlets–Haaretz–Israeli Military Intelligence is at this very moment trying to “figure out” what went wrong in 1954 with something known as the “Lavon Affair”, described by the news outlet as a “sabotage operation” by Israel in “bombing theaters, post offices and U.S. and British institutions, and making it seem as though Egypt was behind the bombings”.
Ohhhh, this simply can’t be, or as the character Vizzini infamously said over and over again in that adorable movie the Princess Bride– “INCONCEIVABLE”. Israel–the apple of God’s eye–deliberately bomb American buildings with the intention of blaming it on her Arab enemies in order to achieve a desired political outcome? Deliberately put innocent civilian life in jeopardy with an overt act of state terrorism?'

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