Mega industrial city project underway in Egypt

Egypt’s Industrial Development Authority (IDA) has declared progress is underway in establishing a large-scale industrial project in Cairo.
Co-founded by Jordanian Al Tajamouat Investment Company, the industrial city is to involve the establishment of 210 small to medium scale industries, across 1.2 million square meters of land.

The project follows the success of the Jordan Industrial City, which has become the largest and most developed in the country, and now Al Tajamouat are looking to leverage their experience in the Tenth of Ramadan City outside of  Cairo.

A total of LE 100 million in capital expenditure has been made available for the project, with estimated investments totaling over $200 million. The estate, purchased from the Egyptian government, will be constructed in three stages over a seven-year period and is expected to generate between $500-800 million in exports when fully operational.
This is forecasted to attract approximately $1 billion of foreign and local investment, creating a minimum of 50,000 job opportunities in the Egyptian labor pool. These figures are anticipated after full development of the estate.

Although the garment and textile industry will be the main focus of the project, other proposed industries will include packaging, engineering, electronics, jewelry, furniture, pharmaceuticals, warehousing and logistics.

An entire infrastructure, complete with warehousing, office and commercial units, waste management, and even labor residence and catering will be available on-site. This will be offered for both sale and rental to investors.

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