Conclusion and true about life in Egypt...

After 3 years to be in Egypt I can tell you about the life in Egypt.
Egypt is not as it seems. It is a land of mystery. But full of corruption and no regulation. 90% of the population is stupid and be kept ignorant. Study is completely worthless. They are more present in schools as a joker. Learning is a little. Do you study well you need to hire a private teacher. The youth life begin to copy the Americans. 70% of the present population thinks about sex drugs and money. It is unfortunate that this country is fucked up. It is totally disorganized and unbalanced. The parents make the marriage almost impossible because of their conditions they make. This youth get frustrated. Accordingly, an increasing number of diseases such as AIDS. But I see mainly young boys between 18 and 26 years on "paper" for Islam to marry a foreign old woman (40-70) is just to have sex and money. The boys sell their bodies for money and fun. This has nothing to do with Islam.
The young men are so frustrated that they treath more women harassment or rape. I've seen enough examples and it is unfortunate that with the years become increasingly worse. Especially now that the Internet is full in use are taken. In their cell phones you see sex movies. Foreign women who have money the Egyptian boys discarded them like a peeled orange.
No, Egypt is no longer the country of what it previously was. It takes over everything in America. The American influence has prevailed. Grants and products from America. Even fast food chains. Even the whole food is made to the standard of the American FDA (like GM). So full of chemical crap like Aspartame, fluoride and Potassium.
The population is been kept ignorant and oppressed by the Goverment. Planes spraying chemtrails over the city's daily. I have pictures of it. People are not watching what happens around them. They just look where the money is. It is a country full of sheep. Too bad I have to see. The truth is hard. The young men are polished and craftily. They can easily invade. They can talk nicely. But their plans include 1 thing. Money. If necessary by all means.
the remaining 10% of the population are good people. Good Muslims and Christians. Unfortunately, you find them as a needle in a haystack.
I will not talk about their faith. Because that is to cry. Their religion is a blend of Islam and culture. But they also love to fool themselves. Once they have finished praying (if they pray) than their brain goes right back looking for money.

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