Geert Wilders -- Dutch Rising Star is Zionist Shill

'You're right about Geert. He is indeed a Zionist pawn. He  supports Israel totally in its "existential" war against barbarous and terrorist Islam. He has been there over forty times and spent a year in a kibbutz when he was younger.
Surprisingly enough, he opposed the continuation of the Afghanistan mission, which led to the fall of the cabinet here a couple of weeks ago. But no doubt this was because the mission is deeply unpopular here. There has been some debate on who finances him. He doesn't disclose this, but he is very popular with the AIPAC/ADL crowd in the US and there are strong reasons to believe  they do at least part of the financing.
He has been on Dutch television exclaiming 'we are all Israel' to his Zionist backers in the US. In fact, another party is introducing new legislation to force him to disclose who is behind him.'

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