Muslim-Christian organization exposes dangerous Judaization plan in O. Jerusalem

The Muslim-Christian organization has exposed an Israeli plan aiming at building 50,000 settlement units in the occupied city of Jerusalem, describing the scheme as the most dangerous Judaization project so far in the city.
Hassan Khater, the secretary-general of the organization asserted in press conference he held in Ramallah city that the Israeli step clearly undermines the international community, the USA, the quartet committee, and all efforts exerted to bring peace to the region.
He explained that the land where the units are to be built were confiscated Palestinian lands belong to Palestinian citizens from the towns of Bir Nabala, Beit Eksa, Beit Hanina, Shafat, Hazma, Beit Sahoor, Beit Jala, and Jabal Abu Ghunaim, adding that the plan was divided in two stages the first of it is to convert all Arab names of streets and roads in the old town of Jerusalem to Hebrew names.
But he warned that allowing the Israeli occupation to go ahead with the scheme would constitute a “big blow” to the old town, and would turn life of the Palestinian Jerusalemites into hell to force them leave the city.
“They [Israelis] are distorting the civilization, culture, history, and religion in Palestine, and thus, we put this serious file in front of the Arab leaders to know for themselves the volume of deception and lies the Israeli occupation government was and still is practicing on the international community”, Khater pointed out.
He said that the world should not listen only to the Israeli words about peace but they should also see what the Israelis are doing on the ground of heinous crimes and clear undermining of the international obligations.

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