support of the holy Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem

100,000 Indonesians demonstrate in support of the Aqsa
Hunderd of thousands of Indonesians hit the streets of capital Jakarta on Saturday in support of the holy Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem in face of the Israeli attacks on the holy site.
Around 100,000 supporters of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), a member of the ruling coalition, exploded onto the streets of the capital, declaring that Palestinians are not alone in the battle for the defense of the Aqsa.
Leaders of Islamic action parties were at the forefront of the march with an MP affirming that Indonesians would support the people of Palestine with all means in defense of the Aqsa and Islamic holy shrines.
Dr. Hidayat Nur, who was the Speaker of Indonesia People's Consultative Assembly, addressed the masses, urging the Indonesian government to assume its role as the biggest Islamic country and work on checking the Israeli attacks on Islamic sanctities.
He urged the Arab and Islamic countries, especially Egypt, to play a bigger role in ending the inter-Palestinian rift.

Turkish demonstrators burn Israeli flag

Thousands of Turkish people participated in a massive march in Istanbul city on Friday in protest at the Zionist attacks on the Islamic holy sites in Palestine.
Participating speakers urged all Muslim countries to move to defend Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque, and highlighted that the Turkish people will never forsake the children and women of the holy city and let them alone in the face of the Israeli occupation.
The protesters waved flags of Palestine and its resistance factions as well as banners wishing death to Israel and burnt the Israeli flag.
For their part, the Palestinian refugees in Iraq organized a rally outside Al-Quds mosque in Baghdad to protest against the Israeli campaign of Judaization in Jerusalem.
Preacher of the mosque Sheikh Fadl Abu Lu’ay urged the worshipers to support the people of Jerusalem spiritually and declare their rejection of what is happening in the holy city in order to raise their spirits and make them feel they are not alone.

Mass protests in Yemen in solidarity with Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque

Different Yemeni cities witnessed on Friday massive popular rallies and marches in solidarity with the Palestinian people especially those in the occupied city of Jerusalem against the serious violations committed by Israel against them and their holy sites.
In capital Sana’a, the popular committee for the support of Palestine organized a massive rally in the Sab’ein arena, in which head of the committee Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar called on Arab leaders to enable their peoples to give Palestine all kinds of spiritual and material support.

Massive protests in Pakistan against Zionist bid to raze the Aqsa

Muslims in Pakistan joined their faith fellow around the world in condemning the violation of Muslims' scared places by the usurper Zionists in occupied Palestine.
In this connection Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan staged countrywide protests on Friday against the renewed implementation of Zionist plan to demolish Al-Aqsa mosque and build temple of Solomon at its site, condemning Zionists’ occupation of Palestine and calling upon the world to block Tel Aviv from demolishing Muslim holy places.

Responding to the protest call by JI Ameer (leader) Syed Munawar Hasan, a number of Ulama and preachers in their congregational addresses condemned the Zionist designs and exhorted the world community to check Israel’s anti Muslim policies.
The JI-led protest rallies against Israel were staged in all major cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan etc. Addressing the slogan chanting and banners waving protestors, the JI leaders said demolishing Al-Aqsa mosque was not the sole issue of Palestinians and Arabs alone but was an issue of entire Muslim Ummah which must come up to demonstrate its full backing of the Palestinians.
Syed Munawar Hasan, while delivering Friday sermon at Mansooraj mosque, said that Israel was digging trenches in order to raze Al-Aqsa mosque and give it the look of an accident. He said Zionists had already begun construction of a temple nearby.
The Palestinians, he said, were resisting the Zionist move and were offering their lives for this cause.
He said entire Muslim masses were agonized on the Zionist plan but the Muslim rulers remained unconcerned. In the past, he said, Pakistan used to be the first to raise her voice on the Palestine issue but Pakistani rulers had now become totally indifferent after adopting the maxim of “Pakistan First”.
He said Egypt’s conduct was the worst as she had built an iron wall to stop the Gaza people from entering their country through tunnels dug in order to get the much needed food, medicines and other vital supplies they were denied by a decade long Israeli blockade.
The role of the Muslim rulers, whether Musharraf, or Zardari or any democratic ruler in this direction was condemnable as they all were acting as US slaves, he said. He stressed upon the rulers to take up the issue at the world level. He also urged the media to highlight the issue. 

Kuwaitis march in support of the Aqsa Mosque

Thousands of Kuwait youths have staged a sit-in Thursday in support of the Aqsa Mosque and the occupied city of Jerusalem and condemning the Israeli practices against the first Muslim Qibla.
Student, lawmakers, and political activist and organizations have participated in the activity, urging other Gulf States to “clean their hands of the deceptive peace process”, never to be part of a negotiation process that would tighten the Israeli grip on the Aqsa Mosque, to sever all ties with Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, and to contact the “sincere” groups in resisting the Israeli occupation in Palestine.
They also pledged to support the Palestinian resistance and the Aqsa Mosque at all costs, chanting pro-resistance slogans.
For his part, Kuwaiti legislature MP Dr. Waleed Tabtabaey strongly criticized the PA security forces in the West Bank under Mahmoud Abbas for blocking the Palestinian masses in the West Bank form defending the Aqsa Mosque.

Quartet calls for settlement freeze
The so-called Quartet of Middle East negotiators has demanded that Israel halt all settlement activity and denounced Israel's plan to build new housing in East Jerusalem.
The Quartet's comments came at a news conference in Moscow on Friday, following a meeting by the group, which brings together the United Nations, the US, the EU and Russia.

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