USA and Israel

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has delivered another "The US and I personally are in love with Israel" speech to America's pro-Israeli lobby  - with a twist.
(Pro Israeli lobby is AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and all members are Zionist).
On Monday underlined Washington's unshaken strategic and moral commitment to Israel "for ever" and, in the second part, threatened Iran with tougher sanctions and warned it will never allow it to develop nuclear weapons. Her words:"This … is unacceptable to the United States. It is unacceptable to Israel. It is unacceptable to the region and the international community.”
The sickening sight of a woman telling her audience what they want to hear because she is terrified of not doing so.
'Was that okay, sir? Did I do good, sir?' 
'Very good, Hillary, you read our words perfectly, now you run along like a good little girl.'

Like Moses, Obama - an unflinching supporter of Israel who has its interest and security at heart - will take it and the region to the promised land. 

US realists including the Obama administration (and the Israeli Labor Party) believe Israel as a "democratic Jewish state" (hahahahahaha, you can believe this??? B@#&*). Clinton made it as clear in her speech to Aipac today. 
US support for the "Jewish state" - a strategic ally and "moral soulmate" -  must be unconditional.

However, as Clinton warned, the Israeli civilian and military occupation will soon reach the point of no return, rendering separation into two sovereign and viable states impossible.

In fact, the borders problem will soon be insolvable without major ethnic cleansing - which means war - or apartheid, leading to de facto one-state solution.

As Netanyahu will tell you in his words, the reason for religious extremism and terrorism is the terrorists and the fundamentalists.
(The Zionists themselves are the biggest criminal terrorists in the Universe!)
Obama can play Moses all he wants, but Netanyahu seeks King David persona!

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