Sexual Harassment in Egypt

The issue has remained largely on the sidelines of Egypt’s social mold for years despite being violently shoved into the mainstream in October 2006. During the Eid celebrations that follow the Holy Month of Ramadan that year, tens of young men and boys attacked female bystanders, ripping at their clothing and groping them, in the heart of downtown Cairo who were waiting for a local cinema to open. Shopkeepers were forced to hide women in order to escape the terror.
Eyewitnesses reported a number of injuries including cuts and bruises. It was the first time the media covered harassment in any great depth.
Egypt’s interior ministry denied anything had occurred, arguing that “if something had occurred, people would have filed charges.”
Many Egyptians, especially men, viewed the event as a pariah. This was an abnormal incident that saw youth simply get overwhelmed in the moment, they argued. Don’t ask, don’t tell remains the status quo in a country struggling with social order.

Some Egyptian women explained harassment as happening because people are moving away from religion,  Unfortunately, the problem isn’t a small segment of society. According to an ECWR report, over 60 percent of men surveyed admitted they participate in harassing women.

Making matters worse, 96 percent of foreign women surveyed admitted to being harassed daily. Of those, 7 percent said they would never return to Egypt and another 6 percent would warn their female friends away from the Arab world’s largest nation.

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