Group fined for anti-Holocaust cartoon

Dutch appellate court fined the Arab European League for freedom of speech.

The Dutch branch of the Arab European League (AEL) published the cartoon on its website last year in an effort to highlight double standards in the European society and legal system, AFP reported.

The controversy emerged after Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was allowed to publish blasphemous cartoons of Islam's Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The cartoon was first published on September 30, 2005 in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and reprinted repeatedly in newspapers in over 50, mostly Western, countries.

Neither Westergaard nor Jyllands-Posten were ever reprimanded for publishing the sacrilegious cartoons of Islam's holy prophet.

However, the Danish high court fined the AEL $3,209 for what it called "unnecessary offense" in publishing their cartoons.

Challenging or disputing the Holocaust story is considered a major offense in Europe, entailing fines and long prison term. Many observers view this as a contradiction to the so-called democratic principles of Western democracies, namely the freedom of expression. 

The West (Zionist Politics) always used the excuses for the Jews (Zionist Israel) the Holocaust. The Holocaust as we know (when you make deep research) was a fake story to setup the country Israel for the Zionist jews and to continue their Evil plan (long term). (see info on my other blogs). Also the numbers how much Jews where "killed" was far to high. They never found that much body's and the West don't give you any information where the other body's are because they know there are no other body's. At primairy schools and high schools they teach (brainwashing program of the Zionist) the children extremely much about history the Holocaust. 
Did you never ask for yourself how much attention (how many teaching hours) they give to the Holocaust "history" at school? It's like this subject is the most important one. More then Math or Science!!

When you look at the facts, not the Zionist-controlled media's propaganda, even the U.S. Holocaust Museum admits now that Jewish deaths in the camps was 2.2M, and the vast majority died of typhus due to a complete breakdown of sanitation medical infrastructure, due to 24x7 bombings by the Allies. The Zionist-controlled media will never tell you that 8 million non-Nazi German civilians died exactly the same way as the Jews, and many of those non-Nazi, Non-Jewish Germans were interned in the same camps. If he US had been attacked by the rest of the world, bombed 24x7, all those Japanese in 'reservations' would have died from typhus as well, and their bodies would have been incinerated, as was done in Poland, to contain the spread. This is the reality, but you are NOT supposed to know the truth.
Any society that cannot digest morality at official levels, is by definition evil, including the US, and the millions of brown and yellow people it has brutally murdered and tortured, and impoverished, directly of via proxies, is a Karma that spells the end of the US, much sooner than later. The seeds planted for implosion are three feet high already. Americans see themselves as the image in their movies as 'John Wayne'. The reality is much closer to that of a Charlie Manson. racing around the world like a band of psychotic sadists. The facts speak for themselves, the body count is in the many, many millions. John Wayne wouldn't have dropped napalm or cluster bombs on crowed cities,
churches, schools, hospitals. Charlie Manson most gleefully would have. The only job for the US military is to overthrow governments and bomb poor people. When they fight back with sticks, they are called terrorists.
Tele Aviv, you are a whore of Satan, and your day of reckoning is soon at hand. No evil, violent, abusive, arrogant State is able to escape that fate, and you know it. 

Tel Aviv is same like America. a place for many people to live. But some among them want wars. The people living in those places must resist war and fight those who give orders to war.
But if they choose to Bomb and kill innocent women and children in far away places, then killing them and their interest is our right.
For they have become the enemy of free world. 

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