Radiation, plague, and fires: foreign embassies urgently evacuate staff from Russia

A hasty evacuation of diplomatic staff from foreign embassies, like a stampede, began in Moscow. Many embassies are trying to hide the evacuation for political reasons. Mass evacuation of the embassies of Canada and Poland was officially reported at night on August 7.
Western media meanwhile reported that the Canadian embassy in Moscow was closed. Dutch embassy is urgently evacuating its diplomatic staff from Russia.
High level of air pollution (see photo), as one of the consequences of forest fires, has become an official ground for evacuating embassy staff and their family members.
Unofficially, they speak about plague in Russia, but first of all, about sharply elevated radioactive background in the city, caused by destruction of atomic bombs in fires at nuclear weapons arsenals outside Moscow. According to unofficial information, warehouses of chemical and bacteriological weapons were also burnt down.
The final decision on immediate evacuation of foreign diplomats from Russia was made after the ringleader of the Russian terrorist gang Disaster Ministry, Shoigu, said that "the level of radiation may increase in Bryansk region because of fires" (the soil there is still very strongly contaminated by Chernobyl).
Sophisticated diplomats immediately understood the diplomatic slang, familiar to them, and rushed to pack baggage, Russian media reported.
Early in the morning of 7 August, the escape of foreign diplomats from Russia took epidemic proportions. It is possible that the diplomats, through the intelligence services of their countries, know something that is not yet known to the general public.
Germany officially closed its embassy and evacuated the entire staff from the doomed Russian Empire, media outlets reported. Austria, along with Poland and Canada, is evacuating almost all its staff from Russia. Foreign embassies addressed to their citizens got stuck in the country to leave Russia as soon as possible.
A Hamburg newspaper, Die Welt, reported in a clear text format that the urgent flee of German diplomats from Russia was caused by radiation approaching Moscow.
The radiation, according to the newspaper, comes from facilities for the production of atomic bombs (400 km east of Moscow) burning in Sarov. Emission of radiation in the environment continues.
On the territory "of the atomic research center," as this plant is officially called, two fires are still raging, the newspaper writes. Russians cannot conceal facts, since fires are perfectly visible from satellites.
Naturally, the evacuation affected all, without exception, embassies in Moscow, but most of them reported nothing for political reasons. The case is very serious, and certainly it is not related to the smog and fumes.
Meanwhile, governments of civilized countries warned their citizens not to go in any case to Russia gripped by a full set of traditional natural and unnatural calamities.
The Austrian Embassy in Moscow appealed to all Austrian citizens in Russia to leave the country immediately. All Austrian diplomats are urgently leaving Russia. Only minor staff without diplomatic status will remain at the embassy. Naturally, there will be no one issuing visas to Russians.
The US State Department warned Americans that a trip and staying in Russia is a mortal threat to their life. The corresponding notification was circulated on Friday by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the US State Department. The statement reads:
"The US State Department warns American citizens about the risks involved in traveling to Russia due to wildfires there and their impact on safety, air quality, and transportation".
The statement noted that fires and "high temperatures" in the central part of Russia produced "hazardous levels of air pollution and numerous flight delays and cancellations in Moscow".
Americans traveling to these areas of Russia are advised to cancel the trip. US citizens with heart or lung disease who are already inside the giant area of natural disasters, which now represents the whole Russia, are advised to avoid unnecessary outdoor staying and strenuous physical loads.
The current alert warning will remain in force until September 5, when the situation in Russia, as the US stipulates, relaxes as far as fires are concerned, because there'll be left nothing to burn. The situation would remain unpredictable regarding plague and radiation.
Foreign Ministries of Germany, Bulgaria: France, Italy and other countries also appealed to their citizens not to travel to Russia.

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