Israel baffled as U.S. group vows to bust Gaza siege by air

Israeli channel two says Israel fears efforts led by a pro-Palestinian U.S. organization to break the four-year siege on the Gaza Strip by air.
Israeli military correspondent Nair Dfore told the channel that Israeli security leaders see the U.S. organization as an active branch of the Turkish IHH organization, one of the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla, which was subjected to a deadly attack by Israeli troops on May 31.

Israeli leaders are in a state of confusion, as it is the first time a group of pro-Palestinians send aid to Gaza by air.

California-based Free Gaza Movement official Paul Arodi said the movement resolved to send a plane to Gaza, adding that Gaza authorities have backed the initiative and are working to fix a place for landing.
Arodi says Free Gaza officials will be looking for a plane designed for difficult landings and take-offs, such as planes used in Alaska and other locations that lack adequate aviation facilities.

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