Israeli admits responsibility for Aqaba rocket attack

Jordanian reliable government sources revealed that Israel has tacitly admitted responsibility for the rockets fired from the Sinai desert and hit targets in the Jordanian port of Aqaba killing one Jordanian citizen.

One other rocket fell on an open area of the occupied Palestinian city of Um al-Rashrash (Eilat).

The source said that a high ranking Israeli official was informed of that Jordan believes Israel was behind the firing of the rockets which took place twice in the past few months and that if such attacks are repeated Jordan will declare these accusation officially.

The source added that Israel aimed by these attack to put pressure on Jordan to agree to joint patrols on the borders between Palestine and Jordan especially in Aqaba and the Jordan valley, something which has been rejected by Jordan more than once.

The Israeli occupation, immediately after the attack, accused Hamas of firing the rockets at Aqaba from the Sinai desert to cause tension between Hamas and Jordan and to increase the tension between Hamas and Egypt.

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