The Quran burning plan and similar moves in the US and the West to desecrate Islamic sanctities are orchestrated by "Zionists,"

Like I write before on my blog. Everything is planned and calculated by the Zionist. Here is the news after I write my opinion:

"Whenever Zionists want to cover up their atrocities in Palestine, they try to trigger anti-Islamic sentiments across the United States and the West to deflect global public attention from their brutalities against Palestinians," Fars news agency quoted Parliament's Presiding Board member Mohammad Dehqan as saying on Sunday.

In a provocative move, American pastor Terry Jones had officially declared that he would burn Muslims' holy book, the Quran, on September 11, as a sign of hatred towards Muslims.

Jones was then forced to cancel his plan after he came under fire inside and outside the US for his blasphemous decision, which brought millions of Muslims to the streets across the world.

In spite of the plan's cancellation, two radical evangelists reportedly burned copies of the holy book in their churches.

Dehqan further criticized the 'Zionists' for trying to paint a violent picture of Islam among followers of other faiths to discourage them from converting to Islam.

According to official US statistics many American citizens convert to Islam each year, which flies in the face of Washington's policies, he went on to say.

The Iranian official also urged world Muslims to remain united to stop the recurrence of similar profane moves.


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