Egypt denies entry of European Gaza-bound aid convoy

Egyptian authorities have flat-out rejected requests by an international humanitarian aid convoy dubbed “The Road To Hope” to cross through Egypt to Gaza by land, exclusive sources told the PIC, adding that efforts are being made for the convoy to change its course by sea from the Libyan Benghazi port to the Egyptian city of El Arish.

The sources mentioned Saturday morning that the convoy has been held up for more than eight days on the Libyan-Egyptian border. Egyptian authorities have refused to let the convoy enter by land.

Hundreds of participants joined the convoy after Libyan air lines offered a special discount of up to 50 per cent for participants arriving by air.

“Road to Hope” arrived at Libya from England Friday night en route to Gaza. Several important Libyan officials received the convoy upon its arrival.

The Libyan News Agency said Friday a public celebration was held the previous night to mark the convoy’s arrival at the Al Batnan area in eastern Libya.
Led by known rights activist Kevin O’Keefe, the convoy carries 300 Arab and European activists and 160 cars on board.

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