European cities hit by anti-austerity protests

Hunderds of thousands of people from around Europe have marched across European cities in a protest against spending cuts by some EU governments.

Close to half a million demonstrators have taken to the streets in France to protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy's proposed pension reforms.  The French government is too weak to bear the people's pressure and demonstrations and he will have no choice but to step down power
Nicholas Sarkozy's compliance with Washington and the Israeli lobby will come at the expense of his presidency.
Spain has held a general strike, with protesters in Barcelona clashing with police and torching a police car.
Other protests against austerity measures have been held in Greece, Italy, the Irish Republic and Latvia.

Trade unions say EU workers may become the biggest victims of a financial 
crisis set off by bankers and traders.

Banks to blame

"We didn't cause this crisis. The bill has to be paid by banks, not by workers,"
Workers in many EU countries are frustrated that they are paying for the mistakes of the banks and the financial sector

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