Yes, Egypt. For foreign to live in Egypt is very difficult. The Government don't give you work permission. So what the hell we doing in Egypt? There is no future in this country. Everything is about money. We will be happy when we leave this country. Over and over again you see that with the business they don't want to invest money. As minimum as possible and to get the maximum. The European Business works much better and fine.
Now I understand why Egypt is economic behind of the rest of the World. And why most of the population are poor and uneducated. The whole country lives still in the year  600 AD.
There is a very big gap between poor and rich. The rich are more the "Elite" and is the most corrupt one. The poor are under pressure of this dictating Government. You see already the foot prints of the system of the Zionist America ad England. Also from France. The whole NDP Government (National Dictator Party) are Zionist. The rich "Elite" group who are on paper Muslims are also corrupt to Allah. They use the normal people with very low salaries and they also enslave the people like a Zionist. They are licking the heels of the NDP. When they don't do that then their business is over.
So in Egypt you have 2 possibility's: You belong to the Zionist Regime and you will be rich. Or you belong to the poor people who are enslaved.
Between these 2 groups you have the tourists. They are like sheep's. And who are not sheep's these people will never come back to Egypt.
Egypt is a allies of the Zionist regime from USA. Egypt get bailout money from Zionist USA. In Egypt there are no rules. Lot's of roads accidents. Lot of fights between Christian and Muslim. The people are full of anger (after 3 decades of tyranny of the dictatorship NDP). It's like a time bomb. This will explode soon or later. There will be a civil war between the NDP with the military against the people of Egypt.
There will be a hierarchic and chaos in this country.

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