Media Silence about secret emergency bank run

The German government and the EU have quietly worked on a contingency plan in case the still expanding economic crisis leads to a run on the banks. All countries in the Eurozone would be allowed to close bank branches and ATMs off.

The EU approving all major media in the area asked if news of massive withdrawals to keep quiet so as not to cause panic. That is the explanation for the silence surrounding the bank run in Ireland for one week in progress. In the Irish / English Anglo Irish Bank customers have been 13 billion euros in deposits removed. At the Bank of Ireland customers took 10 billion euros of their savings on.

By including customers in other countries, their confidence in the stability of their banks lose more and more people get their money from the bank and hoarding at home then the consequences - for banks - obviously incalculable. The money from the residents of EU countries, does not neatly in a vault somewhere, but exists only in electronic computers of the banks. Of the total money supply is only 3% of coins and banknotes. The rest is fiction.

In Germany, it currently only takes into account a bank run due to loss of confidence in the banks, but feared for a bank run in the case of Germany might decide to join the Eurozone and the German mark to reintroduce. When part of the German decision to panic his money from the bank to retrieve the consequences would be incalculable, so fears the German Ministry of Interior (incorrectly).

Because of these erroneous views, the German government's emergency plan for a possible extension of the economic crisis has once again changed. From circles in the ministry was informed that a possible collapse of the euro or the exit of one or more EU countries the banks indefinitely close down their offices and ATMs should be disabled. The stock markets would be closed and off the Internet, to the people more difficult, through the network to mobilize against the banks. The plans would have now been confirmed by the Ministry, which wanted no further details are known about the plans.

It would be particularly Argentinian states, such as violent assaults of banks (2002) and to prevent a mass panic to avoid. The German army in the latest version of the plans. That, in the case of an escalating crisis with the banks against a rush. In Germany for some time openly discussing the possibility of the army within the German borders, can support against his own people.

The recent changes in the objectives and mandate of NATO as decided two weeks ago could ever have been proposed in this light.

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  1. Mostafa,
    Wonderful that you post this news that is usually hidden from us the public.
    I welcome this financial breakdown.
    Financial distribution on our panet with the current system is totally unjust.
    This collapse of the old system shall make way for the birth of a new system.
    It is time for True Democracy, Equal Rights For All regardless of our color, race, sex, religion, origin.
    It is a time to move forwards into the long Awaited Golden Age - The Age of Aquarius.
    The people shall now rise

    There will be no New World Orderv as dreamed of by the so called "elite" Illuminati / Bilderberg Group, Majestic 12 - whatever they call themselves
    This was their dream which will never be

    Our civilization shall now rise with the Help of our Almighty Father, Call him Allah, God, Brahma - whatever you will.

    I see a new dream:

    See a scientific video description on Ascension
    where we are headed !!

    Love Peace Hope & Strength to All in Our CLOSE coming months of INCREDIBLE CHANGE on our planet.

    Tiime is hear to Think with Our HEARTS in Unity Consciousness

    Love Your Brothers & Sisters Unconditionally

    Put Your Faith & Trust in GOD


    Focus on the Outcome not the immediate chaos !!!



    He is Omnipresent, Omniscient Omnipotent

    All Caring All Loving Divine Love