April 6 youth movement calls for massive demonstration on Friday

April 6 Youth opposition movement called on all Egyptians to stage a massive demonstration after Friday’s al-Jumu’ah prayers.

“We call on all Egyptians in all regions and governorates come out into the streets and squares, hand in hand, calling for the restoration of dignity to our beloved country and the defeat of tyranny,” said a member of the group.

“We are closer today to our goals. It is the people's will to overthrow the government. The hour of victory has approached,” he added.

“We’ll remain steadfast in our demands no matter what the authorities do. They can’t stop us. Their tyrannical treatment of the citizens serves as compelling evidence that the end of dictatorship and injustice has approached,” said the movement in a statement.

“Security forces are responsible for the safety of the movement's activists and detained youth in prisons nationwide. We call on the Ministry of Interior to release them immediately,” the statement added.

The 6 April movement warned police against employing torture against protesters, saying that in the end, the people will punish them for their crimes.

They called on security soldiers and officers to view demonstrators as brothers and refrain from using violence against them.

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