Obama Starts Another Illegal War, Rangel Calls For Draft

'Nobel Peace prince Obama launched his liberation of the good people of Libya with his own shock-and-awe bombing campaign appropriately on the eighth anniversary of Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq.  
This tyrannical intervention is so naked, so brazen in its hubris that whatever shred of goodwill America had left is completely gone 
http://www.4ddynamics.com/assets/flags/_resampled/SetSize4848-USA.pngAmerica is officially the most murderous, anti-democratic, terrorist nation the world has ever known.
http://www.snowrental.net/images/deco/2008/flags/med/flag_cz.pngAmerika je oficiálně nejvíce vražedný, anti-demokratický, teroristický národ svět kdy poznal.

http://population-of.com/flags/flag_russia.pngАмерика официально самых кровавых, антидемократической, террористические нация в мире никогда не известно.

http://a3.twimg.com/profile_images/1216709019/spanje_vlag_normal.jpgEstados Unidos es oficialmente la más asesina, anti-democrática, nación terrorista que el mundo haya conocido.


 http://cdn1.staztic.com/logos/nederland-vlag-holland-flag-d.pngAmerika is officieel de meest moorddadige, anti-democratische, terroristische natie die de wereld ooit gekend heeft.

http://population-of.com/flags/flag_saudi_arabia.pngأميركا رسميا معظم القتلة، المعادية للديمقراطية، دولة ارهابية عرفها العالم.

And get this, on the very same day of this unconstitutional act of war, ethically-challenged Charlie Rangel reintroduced his National Service "Draft" bill.  Rangel pointed out in his announcement that the government lied us into the Iraq war that ultimately resulted in the deaths of over 4,400 servicemen with over 32,000 injured.  He claims this is the reason we need a draft.'

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