The Global Dollar Dump Is Already in Progress
- In plain terms, China saying it’s sick of the US Dollar.
- China and Russia agreed late last year to begin trading with one another in their own currencies, NOT the US Dollar.
- China just agreed to expedite trade relations with Brazil without the US Dollar.
- China’s president visited Washington and delivered a speech in which he stated that,

“the current international currency system is the product of the past

 we are now seeing various other nations preparing for the end of the US Dollar as reserve currency. Consider that Saudi Arabia becoming so fed up with the US that it is sending trade representatives to China and Russia to strengthen trade ties.

So Saudi Arabia’s decision to send trade representatives to China and Russia should be seen as Saudia Arabia seeing the writing on the wall, (death of the US Dollar) and starting the process of moving away from the greenback.

Singapore announced today that it will begin trading Yuan. The significance of this is enormous. Singapore is one of the four largest financial hubs in the world (the others are New York, London, and Tokyo). It’s also the second largest private banking center behind Switzerland. With its English-speaking population, first-world accounting standards, and close proximity to China, Singapore is literally a “gateway to the east” through which world capital flows into Asia.

In simple terms, the world is beginning to shift away from the US Dollar as a reserve currency. This is not idle conjecture. This is fact.

Indeed, officials from China, India, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa (the latest addition to the BRIC acronym, now to be called BRICS) recently met in southern China to discuss expanding the use of their own currencies in foreign trade (yet another move away from the US Dollar).

To recap:
  • China and Russia have removed the US Dollar from their trade
  • China is rushing its trade agreement with Brazil
  • China, Russia, Brazil, India, and now South Africa are moving to trade more in their own currencies (not the US Dollar)
  • Saudi Arabia is moving to formalize trade with China and Russia
  • Singapore is moving to trade yuan
The trend here is obvious. The US Dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency is ending. The process will take time to unfold. But the Dollar will be finished as reserve currency within the next five years.

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