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Sarah Palin: Debt Crisis is More Obama Drama

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Record with Greta Van Susteren… says the August 2nd White House/Treasury stated deadline is “More Obama Drama.”  The Former Alaska Governor says the deadline is not “life or death” and is nothing more than a scare tactic being employed by President Obama in a similar fashion to that which brought us T.A.R.P.  She goes on to say that the President’s “getting pretty good at fear-mongering.”

She says it’s time to be “reasonable and rational” and to ask the President to present a plan to avoid the looming problem of “bankruptcy – which is down the line if we don’t get a handle on our over-spend.”

Palin also says she opposes raising the debt ceiling; but if it is going to be raised, “we better get something out of it.”  By her calculation, she says what “common sense fiscal conservative Americans want out of it is - cutting the ‘overspensick’; cutting the overreach of government; and capping for spending levels that make sense… and then balancing the budget via an amendment to our Constitution” – Cut, Cap, and Balance.

You have to forgive the somewhat suspect “transcript” there.  I Googled “Overspensick” for every hybrid I could think of “sounding it out” and that’s the best I came up with.  I assume she’s talking about an “environment of overspending.”  Combining that with a “sickness” could produce the word a word like overspend-sick.  She used the word overspend as a noun earlier in the interview, so it’s plausible.  I kinda like it actually – although I’m not sure she sold it the way she would have liked to there.

I’ve added the video below.  The content above pretty much covers the first four minutes.  The rest I’ll leave to you for your enjoyment.

On the whole here, I can’t say I’m that far off from agreeing with Gov Palin’s assessment.  She supports Cut, Cap, and Balance and she believes the President’s failing to lead when leadership is needed most.  I think we’re on the same page there.

I do part ways with the Governor on her position of opposition to raising the debt ceiling.  Of course we’d all prefer to live in a world where we weren’t faced with this reality.  Nevertheless, we’re here.  It’s not just a foregone conclusion.  It’s a reality.

I’m also struggling to buy the somewhat contradictory problem she seems to have with the Obama administration’s fear-mongering.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Obama’s the fear-monger-in-chief; but I’m also not the one throwing around the “bankrupt” language in the same conversation.  While I agree with her that the August 2nd deadline is a an arbitrary date where even tougher decisions will have to be made regarding what to “pay” and how… I am not certain that throwing around the word bankrupt casually – in this context – is really any less of an exercise in fear-mongering than that which the administration is undertaking.  While I too use the word in the greater context of unchecked spending someday bankrupting a proud country, it would be quite a leap to say that such a day is upon us.  Perhaps the Governor was talking in the general sense as well.  Maybe I just tired and lost track after the laborious Google effort with use of “overspensick.


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