Those who caused the desperate plight of so many in poverty, unemployment and hopelessness want you to riot in response.

So the riots were the problem and along came the solution. The Rothschild-connected British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said there would be new police powers to disperse crowds and a ‘wider power of curfew’. Cameron indicated that social media services such as Twitter and mobile messaging systems could face restrictions and he talked of extending across the country limits on the movement of adults and children accused of being members of gangs.

‘All available technology’ would be used on rioters, including water cannon, rubber bullets and spraying offenders with indelible ink to later identify them … and … here we go … ‘Ministers will consider whether the Army can take on some policing tasks to free up more officers for the front line’. This is only the start of what will be justified by the riots to continue the agenda for the ever-advancing police and military state.

David Cameron dismissed any suggestion that poverty was in any way connected to what happened, because that would mean that he was in some way responsible – and that would never do. He blames parents and ‘a culture that glorifies violence, shows disrespect to authority, and says everything about rights but nothing about responsibilities.’ He promised to ‘restore a sense of morality’.

This is a man who ordered the daily bombing of a whole city of civilians in Tripoli, Libya, a campaign of mass murder that has targeted hospitals, universities, television stations and civilian areas, and has already killed thousands. All this death and destruction of innocent people and communities has but one aim – to remove Colonel Gaddhafi on behalf of Cameron’s banker associates (the Rothschild networks) and allow the seizure of Libya’s banking and oil assets.

The same monumental hypocrite talks about ‘a culture that glorifies violence’ and restoring a ‘sense of morality’. Compared with this mass killer of the innocent, the guy looting a plasma TV is not in his league when it comes to immorality and a callous disregard for human life and property. Nor is the looting, wrong as it is, in the same universe as the looting of the public purse by Cameron’s banking associates throughout the world with multiple trillions changing hands in the greatest transfer of wealth from people to bankers and from poor to rich in known human history.

Cameron: ‘Moral outrage … it’s the parents … need more respect for human life and property… are we bombing Tripoli today?’


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