Today 21 August 2011 at 22:40 hour near Amsterdam we saw a very fast UFO. So fast, there was no time to caught him on tape. In the mean time their where flying normal air traffic from and to Amsterdam. But this one was very high and like a light ball without tale or without any other color. It disapear after 30 seconds. Just like that. Amazing. I called my wife and she saw him to. The first time for her. Hight about 20 km or more. Because Air traffic from planes who we see in the same time was between 500 meter and 3 km. Speed from the planes about 300 to 700 km/hr. But this UFO about 40.000 km/hr (600 mtr/sec!?).

I saw UFO's a lot of times in my life. Also my son have seen UFO's with me in Egypt. 

I have seen a lot in the sky. Meteor, Comets, Airplanes, Fighter jets, Satellites, and UFO's.
So I know very well the differences. A normal human being with some knowledge will also see the differences.

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