UK Pled to Join Hormuz Strait Trip


'New revelations point to British officials’ pleading with the US administration to allow them take part in a flotilla of US and French vessels, which passed through the strategic Strait of Hormuz last month.

The British newspaper reported that a Whitehall source described the negotiations over Britain’s role in the US flotilla as ‘humiliating’ for the British establishment, which has been flexing its military and nuclear muscles in several cases of confrontation with different nations.

The British government has taken a warlike stance and has ruled out the possibility of negotiations in several cases including the dispute over the sovereignty of the Malvinas islands and Gibraltar.

Furthermore, Britain has resorted to an anti-Iran warlike rhetoric, which has escalated over the past months.

The revelations are a great source of embarrassment for hawkish British officials who continue to threat nations with military action.

Defenses sources revealed to The Daily Telegraph that the US officials believed Britain’s Royal Navy frigate had no military value to take part in the show of strength, which was aimed at intimidating the Iranian nation.

However, after Sarkozy persuaded the US to let a French warship be present in their show, British defense secretary and Prime Minister David Cameron thought the Special Relationship might be further damaged considering US president Barak Obama’s describing France as the closest ally of the US.

This way, a defense source revealed, British officials figured out that “Britain must participate too, regardless of the military importance” and Britain “was basically forced to plead with Washington for the Navy to be allowed to tag along.”

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