NATO proxies behind Syria massacre

Moscow has accused the US and its allies of manipulating the UN Security Council and misleading the international community on Syria to provoke instability. 


These civilian casualties are the result of actions undertaken by terrorist organizations linked to al-Qaeda. These terrorist organizations are also supported by foreign forces 
There’s ample evidence from official statements from the Arab League observer mission, from the Israeli media, that there are terrorist organizations involved in killing civilians and this, in a very cynical mode, provides the justification for the so-called international community to blame Bashar al-Assad when in fact these civilian casualties were ordered by foreign forces. 

It is what is called an intelligence parlance and I quote from the Pentagon,

 “a mass civilian casualty event” which “creates a useful wave of indignation”. 

This last wave of killings is the result of armed gunmen, terrorists, mercenaries and in a very casual way it is then blamed on the Syrian government.

There are Special Forces from Qatar; from Britain; from the US; from France on the ground. 

And I quote from British military sources. 

The MI6, CIA, SAS and what are they doing? They’re training members of the Free Syrian Army. 

If we want to resolve this crisis we have to start perhaps by a little bit of regime change in the USA. Secretary Clinton just a couple of weeks ago acknowledged in a very candid statement, which was on the State Department website to effect - this was in an interview - that al-Qaeda and other organizations on our terror list, that of the US, are supporting the opposition. 

Now, if the US is supporting the opposition that means it is also supporting an opposition, which is integrated by terrorists organizations, which are on the US list and this is acknowledged candidly in an interview by Hilary Clinton. 

Important is that Russia and China are confronting the Western military alliance in the Security Council exercising their veto and they are revealing what the mainstream media is not revealing. 

They’re revealing the fact that this is not a protest movement. It is an insurgency supported by foreign powers. 

Mind you, everything is couched in the language of diplomacy. If you start examining what is actually happening on the ground, this is already a war against a sovereign state where the representatives of NATO are on the ground - Special Forces training the rebels from Britain and France… and Turkish operatives. 

Several NATO countries are already involved in fighting government forces through these proxy mercenaries, which are again, they are paramilitaries paid and financed by the Western military alliance. 

A few months again there was a report that NATO was actually recruiting mercenaries to wage their wars. In fact, they said that these were Islamic fighters - they were recruiting them they were training them. And this was done in a program implemented by NATO headquarters in Brussels with the Turkish military. 


And there have been various other initiatives, some of which now are very much in the open such as the presence of Qatari Special Forces, but as I mentioned, there are other Special Forces from the mainstay of the Western military alliance including Britain, France and of course Israel as well. 

We are dealing with a war; we’re dealing with military agenda. Syria is on the roadmap. This war has been prepared for years and years and years. What they want is to intervene in Syria in the form of a so-called responsibility to protect the humanitarian mandate. 

We have to put this operation in context because it is very linked to previous intents on the part of the Western military alliance and Israel directed against Syria and we are talking about the 2006 war against Lebanon. 

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