Israël vermoedelijke auteur van Bulgarije false flag operation

Een vrachtwagen vervoert de bus beschadigd door een bomexplosie waarbij een groep van Israëlische toeristen op het vliegveld in Bourgas, Bulgarije, gericht op 19 juli 2012.
Een vrachtwagen vervoert de bus beschadigd door een bomexplosie waarbij een groep van Israëlische toeristen op het vliegveld in Bourgas, Bulgarije, gericht op 19 juli 2012.
Nog voor het stof was neergedaald en de slachtoffers werden gelegd om te rusten, de Israëli's en hun wereldwijde media-assets beschuldigen Iran voor de aanval in Burgas, Bulgarije.
The Washington Post, op een na meest invloedrijke Amerikaanse Zionistische krant, meldde op donderdag: "Israëlische en Amerikaanse functionarissen gaven direct de schuld van de Iran gesteunde Libanese militante groepering Hezbollah voor de bombardementen." Maar de post van artikel erkend dat de Bulgaarse ambtenaren zelfs niet eens de bommenwerper hebben geïdentificeerd!

Mensen word toch eens eindelijk wakker. Doen jullie eindelijk eens jullie ogen open! Of blijven jullie je blind staren op de leugens! Het is duidelijk dat Israel en de VS er alles voor over hebben (zelfs hun eigen mensen opofferen) om een Wereld oorlog 3 te ontketenen. Dit behoort tot hun ultimate satanische ziekelijke plan om de wereld te depopuleren (teveel mensen die ze niet onder controle kunnen houden, kritische massa) en om de mensheid bang te maken en bang te houden. Want een bange kudde schapen kun je makkelijker onder controle houden.
Deze "rush naar oordeel" doet vermoeden dat Israël, en niet Iran, de vermoedelijke auteur van de aanval is.
De geschiedenis laat zien dat wanneer overheden een gemakkelijke zondebok de schuld geeft voordat er een bewijs is, de aanval in kwestie dan vrijwel zeker een vals-flag gebeurtenis is.  

Hieronder een aantal voorbeelden en bewijs (in het Engels):

On August 4th, 1964, American President Lyndon B. Johnson appeared on national television and blamed North Vietnam for an alleged attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin. Hysterical newspaper headlines damned the dastardly communist attack. The Gulf of Tonkin incident mobilized American public opinion for a vastly expanded - and ultimately unsuccessful - US war on Vietnam. Yet the incident never happened! Historians today agree that there was no North Vietnamese attack on the Maddox. Instead, a fake attack was staged by the American authorities themselves. Had the media treated Johnson's claims with skepticism, and taken the time to investigate what really happened in the Gulf of Tonkin, they might have saved as many as four million lives, including the lives of 58,156 American soldiers.

False-flag terror operations seek to cast blame on the designated scapegoat as quickly as possible. Why? Because most people are heavily influenced by first impressions. If the first report we hear tells us that the North Vietnamese attacked a US ship, that JFK was shot by a Communist named Oswald, that Osama Bin Laden and 19 young Arabs orchestrated the events of 9/11, or that Iran was behind the Bulgarian bus bombing, people are likely to continue to believe that initial report, even if subsequent evidence conclusively disproves it.

Another reason for the “rush to judgment” in false-flag cases is that public outrage diminishes quickly after such events. In order to harness the “wave of useful indignation” that such events are designed to provoke, and link it to the designated scapegoat, a quick media blitz blaming the scapegoat is necessary.

Sometimes the perpetrators of false-flag attacks are in such a hurry to blame the scapegoat that they trip themselves up and fall flat on their faces. American national television reported on the morning of November 22nd, 1963, hours before the JFK assassination, that President Kennedy was likely to be assassinated in Dallas by a “lone nut.” (Archival footage of the report may be viewed in the documentary Evidence of Revision.) Then a Communist “lone nut” named Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for the assassination - despite the fact that no evidence whatsoever linked him to the shooting of JFK - almost from the moment he was arrested in a theater for yet another shooting that no available evidence tied him to! A report in the New Zealand edition of the US military paper Stars and Stripes blamed Oswald, and offered a detailed biography, before Oswald had even been charged, according to Col. Fletcher Prouty. The snafu was likely caused by a conspirator forgetting about the international date line.

Another notorious example of pre-reporting is the BBC's report, broadcast at about 5 p.m. on 9/11/2001, that World Trade Center Building 7 had collapsed due to fire. In fact, WTC-7 did not “collapse” until 5:23 p.m. - about twenty minutes after the BBC report. Apparently those responsible for the 9/11 false-flag attack wanted to plant the idea that WTC-7 collapsed from fire in the mind of the public at the earliest possible opportunity.

And now, history seems to be repeating itself. The Israelis and the Zionist-owned media have been blaming Iran for the Bulgarian bus bombing almost from the moment the bomb exploded. Since Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is hysterically seeking a pretext for war on Iran, it stands to reason that Netanyahu himself is the probable author of the attack.

If so, it would be yet another example of Israel's leadership in the field of false-flag terror. From the murderers who dressed as Arabs to bomb the King David Hotel, to the Lavon Affair Israeli terrorists bombing US targets in Egypt and blaming Egyptians, to the botched attack on the USS Liberty that was supposed to be blamed on Egypt, to the Mossad-orchestrated Achille Lauro and Entebbe hijacking incidents, to the "terrorist" bombings of its own embassies in London and Buenos Aires, to 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, and Mumbai, the Israeli Mossad is behind almost every big "terrorist" outrage blamed on Arabs or Muslims. And the more evil and outrageous the act - the more it inexcusably targets innocent civilian victims - the more certain you can be that it was the Zionists themselves who did it.

As a Middle East Studies expert, I can tell you that Netanyahu's premature attempt to blame Iran for the Bulgarian bus bombing is almost as ridiculous as earlier attempts to blame Iran for an alleged murder plot against the Saudi Ambassador to the US. As any legitimate Middle East expert will tell you, Iranian intelligence is very professional. Yes, they may some day find a way to take revenge against Israel for the ongoing wave of murders and terrorism against Iranian civilians and scientists - as would any other intelligence agency in their place - but hokey plots like the Saudi Ambassador fiasco, or going after a busload of Israeli tourists, just isn't their style. And the last thing Iran wants right now is to give Israel and its American vassal the excuse to launch a war.

Will global public opinion be suckered once again by the same old false-flag gambit? Or has the alternative media succeeded in educating the public about false-flag terror to the point that it no longer works?

The coming weeks and months will answer those questions.

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