Why Is Big Pharma so terrified of this little event about Cancer?

David Icke has been asked present a day on the Isle of Wight on October 9th with Tullio Simoncini, the Italian cancer specialist who has developed a new way to treat cancer that does not involve the multi-billion-a-year pharmaceutical cartel that makes its daily fortunes from sickness, not health. 

There is room for only 200 people and the tickets have been going very quickly, but someone who does not want even that many people to see this information has been systematically ordering large batches and then cancelling. 

And the organiser, Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic, is having his emails blocked and blatantly tampered with - so much so that emails to an AOL account are turning up in Google accounts and others (and vice-versa).

It just shows how terrified these 'powerful' people are of their scam being exposed and the truth about cancer being known.

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