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This call has been translated from French. Low analogous substantive amendments were necessary for the flow of reading.Until the existence of a newly formulated this call is to serve as a "blueprint". Criticism, suggestions, insults and praise we hold out. This action is not cemented and claimed no right to absolute accuracy. She is a living process, its participants to embellish. But one thing is after 2 years of "business as usual" for sure! Just as now it can not go on! Profiteers of the crisis to the checkout! No more dumping wages and towards a sustainable future development. If we do not want to subject in the near future, nor the last of life in the economization of the capital, we now have to resist! This is to be used by this non-violent, peaceful, open protest for as many citizens. Citizens as well as many in Europe with the condition of these lifted political and economic caste no longer agree.

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Stop Bank is a call for Europe-wide massive deduction of funds from banks and the closing of savings accounts.

The campaign stop Banque in France has been 13,100 participants, and expects further 57,000.
This is the first spontaneous action group in order to protect them from media and political corruption and liberate us from the slavery that was imposed on us by big business.

Our action is legal, peaceful, secular, non political and non-unionized.

We do this because obviously nothing more demonstrations benefit because the elite are not listening anyway and the real power lies in the hands of international banks and corporations.

December withdraw money from the masses of our banks!

"They are just great because we are on our knees."

Give this message continues:

We are the legitimate people and the sovereign of this nation. We have few resources. No army, no police, no violence, ... IS THIS THE END UNJUST SYSTEM AVAILABLE!

We are aware that we are in crisis with high unemployment, and that the majority employs pure angst, and the feeling spreads makes no "means" to have to change something. FALSCH! WRONG! This approach is especially of protest which suffer most from access to this development. But often do not have time to get involved.

Small brooks make great rivers!

We need to build as much pressure to make politicians realize that their power still exists today only because we tolerate it and "trust" them. But we can also change the rules!

If this action takes place together and solid, so that we can bring our lifted elites tremble.

A question that often arises is: "What are we if we have no money what would have to stand still, or if someone has no bank account?"

Here is a proposal for a standard letter for those who are exposed or have a bank account. Sends or brings on 7 December of this letter to one or more Bankenfiliallen over.

And those who stop to decide the funding of their own slavery, this letter should end the withdrawal of their money given as a farewell letter to her clerks.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------
Dear banker, my banker,

I hereby would like to make them understand that "we" know what you are doing with our money.

As we have known for some time that their "bosses" influence the world politics by funds controlled only from a capitalist Interresse out and common goods thereby fall corruption and speculation to the victims, I would like to express hereby to disagree with their society damaging policy.

I can not participate in this spontaneous and peaceful civil action, unfortunately you to withdraw my funds. Nevertheless, some citizens have decided today by the withdrawal of the cash, the closing of its current and savings accounts in their "bank" to take their destiny into their own hands now. Because we know you are the henchmen of the stateless and selfish elite.

This first act in the individual will perhaps be insignificant, but it will increase.

I hope as a citizen, that currency no longer in private "control" are, but will revert to the sovereign.

Thank you for respecting this letter.

Steht jedem frei anonym zu bleiben).“ (And then: If any sign to remain free anonymous).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------

The action takes place: non-union, free, legal, peaceful, away from racial issues, outside of religious and philosophical beliefs of individual participants.

Together we are united under the banner:


On 7 December, we go all our money out of the banks!
All are cordially invited to participate in this effort.

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