Israel's nuclear heads are trained at Muslims

Let us internalize some of the axiomatic strategic facts pertaining to the state-of-affair facing Arabs and Muslims in this region and beyond:

The first fact is that the hundreds of nuclear heads and bombs which Israel possesses or is widely assumed to possess are not trained toward Zimbabwe or Gabon or Haiti, but at Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, Tehran or perhaps Makkah and Medina.

The second fact is that the acquisition by Israel of a nuclear capability is aimed at subjugating, bullying and keeping the Arab world in a state of perpetual strategic inferiority vis-à-vis the Hebrew state. A nuclear Israel, undeterred by any reciprocal Arab deterrence, will allow Israel to commit the unthinkable, e.g. deport the remaining Palestinians from their ancestral homeland. It could also allow Israel to make ultimatums to countries such as Egypt, e.g. threatening to destroy strategic Egyptian targets such as the High Dam if the Arab country of 80 millions doesn't behave the Israeli way.

We recently saw how the docile Egyptian leadership was forced to play the harlot vis-à-vis a visibly haughty Israel during the recent genocidal Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip.  Had Egypt had a strategic deterrent, it would have displayed a semblance of national dignity and said "No" to Israeli threats, implicit or explicit.

The third fact is that the American-controlled regime of nuclear nonproliferation is a farrago of nonsense. It is rather a pipe dream designed to cajole and silence nations that are willing to sell out their national dignity and keep their peoples under perpetual strategic risk in return for some financial and military aid from Washington. Needless to say, such conditional aid has no strategic value whatsoever and is worth nothing.

An example of this Arab fiasco (and stupidity) in this regard is the recent huge arms deal between Saudi Arabia and the US. Soon, sixty billion Dollars of Muslims money will be converted to rust, and will contribute a zero percent to enhancing the Muslims' overall security vis-à-vis Israel.

This is because most dictatorial Arab dynasties are more answerable to their American protectors than to their own peoples. Hence, these despots don't just buy weapons from the US, they have to buy weapon or else lose the status of America's "valuable ally" which really spells "valuable puppet" than ally!!!

The fourth fact is that the US and other Western powers knowingly and deliberately enabled Israel to possess nuclear weapons. Hence, the claim that these powers would shield these regimes and their peoples from a possible Zionist aggression is even more of a pipe dream, especially given the fact that the US and other western governments are themselves subservient to Israel and Zionist power. In the final analyses, the American political whores in Washington can not and will not disobey the Israeli or Jewish pimps' orders. They know they would commit political suicide at home if they did.

Fortunately, some Muslim countries in the region have understood the timeless maxim that if you don't protect yourself, none will protect you. The same countries have also understood that unless you create a sort of mutual assured destruction vis-à-vis your enemy, you will be savaged, humiliated and bullied.

Unfortunately, larger and richer Arab countries have failed to understand what Pakistan and India understood. Instead, these mostly authoritarian regimes have opted to remain in a state of whore-pimp subservience vis-à-vis Washington, which we all know is ruled by the Jewish lobby. Didn't Ariel Sharon say "We rule America, and the stupid Americans know it?"

There is no doubt that Arab states from Mauritania to Bahrain will remain in a state of strategic inferiority vis-à-vis Israel as long as they don't possess a real nuclear deterrent that would make Israel give up some of its insolence, arrogance of power  and hubris.

In short, Israel wouldn't dare drop one or two nuclear bombs on Cairo, or even threaten to do so, if it knew that one or two nuclear bombs would be dropped on Tel Aviv or Haifa soon after any possible nuclear aggression against any Arab or Muslim capital. Isn't this the real, deep-seated reason behind the frantic Israeli campaign against the alleged nuclearization of Iran?

It is always undesirable to indulge in macabre calculations, especially with regard to the nefarious nuclear weapons.

However, Israel's Nazi-like behavior must have convinced us to always expect the unthinkable from Israel.

A few years ago, Israel dropped between 2-3 million cluster bomblets on Lebanon, enough to kill or maim 2-3 million children. Then the whore-like leaders of the so-called "Free world" reacted to this barbaric monstrosity rather cynically, saying that "Israel had the right to defend itself" as if Lebanon, a country that would have contented with a banana-republic status had it not been for recurrent Israeli aggressions, posed a real threat to nuclear-armed Israel, which also held America and other Western countries by the throat.

Similarly, the Israeli air-force rained white Phosphorus on Gaza nearly two years ago, affronting us with scenes that could have been borrowed from Dresden and other German cities reduced to smithereens by the air forces of the allies in the closing months of WWII.

This is why, my advice to the premier Arab states in this region is: 

Eat sand, eat grass, eat shit!! Let the bread queues be ten-miles long. But get the bomb! Don’t be the laughingstock of the world.
Don't let a shitty state like Israel destroy the Islamic civilization.

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