The extraordinary demise of the ‘Land of the Free’.

We had all the furore about whether Obama overstepped his powers by declaring war on Libya (he did) while at the same time legislation was passing through Congress to remove any requirement for the Rabble on the Hill to be consulted before US troops start killing still more people in yet another country.

Now the next layer of the American fascist/communist (same thing) dictatorship is coming to pass – the ‘Super Committee’ or ‘Super Congress’. This is a chosen grouping of six Democrats and six Republicans (12 Republicrats) with the deciding vote going to the President – making the Illuminati significant number of 13.

There are so many elements and ‘dots’ in the web of deceit that are bringing this about via the most blatant series of Problem-Reaction-Solutions. First there was the engineered economic crash of 2008 which was followed by the frenzy in which trillions were given away to bankers and other financial institutions, abroad as well as at home, by the Illuminati-created-and-controlled US Federal Reserve. The idea was to bankrupt America and this is what has happened. When you can't pay your way you either go under or you borrow more, but even if you do the latter, and still can’t pay your way, it only makes the eventual crash even bigger a little down the road.

The United States reached the stage, though this playschool mathematics, where the borrowing limit had been reached which, by law, could not be breached. So we have had all the play-acting ‘debate’ and ‘controversy’ about whether there would be an agreement to raise the debt ceiling or a default on commitments and debts. Of course, they were always going to raise the debt ceiling, because they want the American economic crash of crashes when it comes to dismantle the US economy limb from limb. Obama will not face another ‘debt ceiling’ until after the 2012 election when he is running for a second term with the debt limit now raised to more than $16 trillion.

Well, he won't in theory, but who knows? US debt increased by $239 billion in a single day last Tuesday. It was the biggest one-day debt hike in American history.

Anyone think it is time for mass global peaceful rebellion? I think so. Or we could just wait for the tanks.


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